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Speaking Voice Training

Improve your speaking voice in Wellington with Vocology In-practise Authorized Instructor Stuart Clarke. We support you in delivering a powerful, clear and succinct message that will be heard, in this noisy world.

We help you use your voice powerfully and create an impact on the stage or digital media. We will analyse your speech and the way you use your voice, and train you to deliver a powerful message to your audience, so that you can change more lives. Areas we will focus on:

  • Voice projection
  • Fine tune vocal quality :resonance, pitch, clarity
  • Articulation
  • Voice hygiene
  • Reducing vocal fatigue, so you can speak for longer
  • Vocal presence

If you would like to take your speaking career to the next level, contact us

Delivery: Face to face or Skype

Client Feedback

I enrolled in the voice course with an open mind. I had tried many things and for quite a long time to improve my voice, only with little progress. The expertise, experience and tools you demonstrated during the course, have helped me make amazing progress. My voice now has better clarify, great dynamics and rich variety, which I have never imagined I could achieve. A better voice no doubt would help improve confidence and career development. A bonus is that I can sing much better!

I am grateful for your coaching.


Sam Zhong (Export Manager from Bayer New Zealand)