Online Singing Lessons stuart

Online Singing Lessons

Online singing lessons are available in Wellington and also nationwide through out New Zealand. They are definitely the way of the future and they work amazingly well! – It saves on the cost of travel (Petrol and Parking) and issues with trying to fit vocal training into your weekly schedule. In fact most famous singers we know of today are taking online lessons with their coaches especially when touring. Stuart is an expert at working with students online and has effectively trained students in New Zealand, Australia, Bali and America.

The Stuart Clarke online training program uses Skype and the worlds most advanced online computer vocal software used by top Hollywood Artists. The vocal software is called SINGPRO and will give live scales, which make the skype lessons as good as in-person with many added benefits.

In addition to the work Stuart will give you with SINGPRO, he will be able to teach you how to apply everything you have learn’t into your songs.