Voice Straw & Cup Combo Kit


Voice Straw & Cup Combo Kit – Used by famous artists and groups such as Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake, Lumineers and more!



I’m excited to bringing into to New Zealand an amazing new piece of technology founded on the work of one the worlds top vocal scientists Ingo Titze and a close college of mine Mindy Pack from the VIP teacher network. The product is called the Straw & Voice Cup, which enables singers, actors and speakers to receive major improvements in their voice in less than 30 seconds and has proven to be the number 1 most important tool in a singer’s toolbox. It helps relieve tension, strain, breathiness, cracking and flipping in the voice and is scientifically shown to improve singing technique.

Special Deal (30% off) – Only $98.20
I’m offering all my students The Voice Straw and Cup Combo Kit at 30% discount off the retail. You will also receive full expert guidance on how to use it safely and effectively during my vocal programs.

The Voice Straw and Cup Combo Kit would normally cost $140.45 NZ Dollars (Including shipping) if you bought it online but as program student you will receive a discount product code to make it only $98.20